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Founded in January 2017 by a Property Developer with a track record of success in planning consent since 2002, Planning Consent UK Ltd is a brand new company.

How are we different? We actively put our clients interests first.

We follow an established route of Design, Consultation, Application and Consent that helps get the Local Planning Authority on the client's side right from the start.

We use simple, widely readable, easy to understand, scaled plans in MS Word format for Planning Permission, that can quickly and easily be changed if required, keeping client costs down.

We advise our clients to apply only for proposals that fall within current Planning Policy, avoiding disappointment later and not wasting client's time and money. This also helps to keep neighbour objections to a minimum.

Our charges are transparent and your final bill will reflect only the work that has been done for you. We don't charge fixed fees and we have no minimum fee either.

You will receive regular updates with date and time spent and what work is complete. You will receive e-copies of all completed work, provided it has been paid for.

Planning applications will be submitted online in electronic format, avoiding delays caused by waiting to meet , slow postage and the time needed to print.

We want to change the way people apply for Planning Permission. We want to make the process clearer, more accountable, quicker and more certain for our clients.

Our Team

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