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Terms and Conditions

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In order to keep overheads low and prices competitive, we take payment for work at the time of instruction. It is possible to make staged payments as parts of the work are completed and delivered to you. All payments (even staged ones) must be in advance of work being carried out or delivered.

Payments can be made by bank transfer direct to our business bank account or using our convenient online payment system on this website. We do not see or hold your card payment details at any time.

Our charges are very simple. We charge £35 per hour in advance for completed work, the same rate for all standard services. Certain special services may need to be charged at a higher rate.

These low rates cover all sizes of normal residential or Change of Use projects from loft conversions to developments up to ten new apartments or five houses. Any extra site visits or additional printing will be invoiced separately, charged at cost and may incur a travel charge.


All payments you make will be confirmed by e-mail through our automated system. You will receive a phone call during normal working hours to confirm any site visit or appointment you have booked.

Closer to the time of your appointment, you will receive a reminder e-mail so that you don't miss your allotted time slot.

If we are running late for some reason, we will try to let you know by phone where feasible and if necessary we will stay later at the end to make up for the lost time OR we can offer to reschedule for another day for which there is no rescheduling charge.

Occasionally for operational reasons, we may need to change the time or date of an appointment but we will try to give you as much notice as possible and agree a new time and day that suits you.

If any service is not delivered within a reasonable time frame, we will refund the full value of that service to you. All work will be produced to a high standard and with due care and attention to the most current regulations.


To offer you an effective service, we need a clear and comprehensive understanding of your objectives and history. Please ensure we know about any past planning history or design work that has gone before which did not meet your expectations or achieve the desired result.

Prior to starting any Planning, Design or Consultation work, we will e-mail you our understanding of your instructions along with our terms and conditions and ask that you reply to say that we have understood your objectives correctly, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions and you authorise us to commence work on your project.

We need you to understand that obtaining Planning Consent is NEVER a certainty but by using our services, your chances of getting it are greatly improved and your chances of achieving a more favourable consent are also improved.

For our business to run smoothly, we require prompt payments from our clients which need to be made in advance of us undertaking any work, without exception.

Based in London but serving all England


We can't estimate how long drawings, plans, reports or other documents we are preparing might take to finish because every project is different, but we always work quickly and efficiently for our clients.


We also can't be sure how long a Decision Notice might take once we submit an application, but here are some usual minimum timescales for Local Authorities: Validate Application- 1-2 weeks; Permitted Development- 8 weeks; Planning Consent- 8 weeks; Complex Application- 13 weeks; if an application gets multiple objections, Planning Committee Meeting- depends on when next meeting is scheduled for.

All work for clients will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. If there is a delay in us receiving your payment, then this can cause a delay to your work.

In certain circumstances, for example where there is a planning deadline for a particular client, we may find it necessary to reschedule work internally, according to our workloads. We will always try to do this in an even-handed way, using our own internal best practices.


If you need to cancel or reschedule a site or home appointment, we require 48 hours notice or you may be charged, which includes weekends or bank holidays. 


Please e-mail us at the following address: or call our freephone number 0800-622 6612 to let us know.

You can call at any time 24/7 and speak to someone or leave a message for us outside of working hours on our messaging service or voicemail. Please leave your name, contact number, site address and the appointment time that you are unable to attend.

To cancel / reschedule your paid meeting:

More than 48 hours before - Free

From 1 - 48 hours before - £17.50

Less than 1 hour before - £35.00

In this last case the cost of 1 hour of the appointment will have to be charged as our consultant will already be on their way to you. Sorry!


No liability whatsoever can be assumed for the failure to achieve planning consent for any given project, as this is something which depends on a third party (the Local Authority) and many other factors not known at the start of a project, factors which are therefore outside our control.


We guarantee the quality of our work and if you feel that any of it is sub-standard, please write and tell us about it. We will compare it to our benchmark and if we feel it falls short of our high standards, we will re-do that part of it free of charge.

If we subsequently achieve planning consent despite the work you felt was below-par, no refund or re-draw will be made. Alternatively, if we feel it has impacted on your planning consent and planning officers tell us so when asked, we will make corrections and re-submit the application at our expense.

No other compensation, financial or otherwise shall be made, whether for our work or for any alleged consequential loss from not obtaining planning consent within any given time scale or not at all.

Hourly prices from £36 - £50, no VAT

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