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If things have gone wrong or you're worried about charges, PLANNING CONSENT UK can help you sort it all out. When you have been refused planning permission, you have two options: make an APPEAL against the decision OR revise the application and RE-APPLY. We can advise you of your chances of success and which would be the best for you given your circumstances. ENFORCEMENT notices are issued when development or change of use has taken place without the correct permission. They are mostly resolved by a new planning permission but on some occasions they can have very severe consequences which should never be ignored. CIL or Community Infrastructure Levy is a charge made by your local planning authority for all kinds of development. It doesn't always apply, but when it does it can be very expensive. There are a number of ways of keeping this charge to a minimum and if you are prepared to make certain compromises, it can be avoided altogether. Not to be confused with Section 106 agreements.

Hourly prices from £36 - £50, no VAT

Based in London but serving all England

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