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    In recent years, Planning Policy has been getting ever more complicated for ordinary householders and Property Developers alike. Although there has been a desire in government, both at local and national level to simplify the process, so far it hasn't translated into noticeable results.

    The reason for this is that there cannot be a uniform, national policy, or one shoe that fits all. Every location around the country is different, each with its different architectural histories and different local needs. To allow this, National Government writes the planning policy "template" and Local Government then interprets that template in their own way. In some cases this interpretation results in contradictory and overlapping policies.

    In our experience, in a single borough, different case officers have been known to arrive at different conclusions given the same local planning policy! This doesn't help and the poor applicant is left confused and unsure of how to proceed.

    Here at Planning Consent UK Ltd we understand the underlying "planning policy template" on which we base our initial simplified proposal and advice.

    We then approach the local authority, using both "Duty Planning Officers" and the "Pre-Application Advice" service to fine-tune your planning application to suit the Local Authority's interpretation of National Planning Policy.

    This method might seem long winded, but we find it saves you time and money in the long run and gives you, the applicant, the greatest chance of success. Obviously we can't guarantee success every single time, but we do have a very high success rate by sticking carefully but intelligently within planning policy, whilst trying to achieve the best possible outcome.


    Additionally, our own systems of working allow us to be very responsive to Local Authority advice or requests and we will not keep an application waiting for weeks just to make minor changes.

    Prices from £35/hour and no vat!

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