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    Because of our rather unpredictable climate here in the UK, when the weather is good, we all like to go outside. Some choose to leave home and go somewhere else because their outdoor space isn't inspiring them to stay at home. Have you ever noticed how folks with beautiful gardens and patios spend more time in or on them? For many people, it is easy to forget a part of their home which they don't use throughout the year. If you decide to use it to its full potential, it can be an unparalleled joy which you don't have to share with anyone else, unless you want to. Outdoor space can be so much more than simply a lawn or a few plants in pots. It can bring symmetry or chaos, colour or simplicity, detail and uniformity all at the same time with nature's endless ability for beauty.

    Everyone can find peace and tranquility in their own private outdoor space, however big or small. It can be a reflection of them, making use of different materials such as stone, wood, glass, mirrors, water, metal, pebbles, gravel, sand, soil, grass, plants, ceramics, trees, bark and even concrete or plastic have their place. Perhaps it reminds them of another place they know and their private space allows them to escape to that place whenever they need to.


    We aim to create a special place for you that isn't just a garden or a patio. It is a place that you can be proud of, that you will feel attracted towards, that your friends will ask you about, and that will add a new dimension to your home. It all starts with a Landscape Design Consultation home visit to see the space and discuss the possibilities. You should tell us as much as you can about what you like and don't like and we will create something special around your personal preferences and your budget.


    As with all our services, our charging is transparent and simple to understand. You would be charged a simple hourly rate for any work we carry out for you. This would be for whatever work you ask us to do or if you prefer, we can work to an agreed budget and give you as much as possible within your budget. Our hourly rate is exactly the same for all our other services. Any unused balance of funds on your account with us will be credited back to your bank account on completion of our work on your project.

    Prices from £35/hour and no vat!

    London and the South East - Home Counties


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