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    In order for you to be happy with the finished Interior Design, we need to listen to you. We record your requirements in detail and you tell us how much artistic licence you want us to employ. Some clients will want to keep very tight control over the designs from start to finish and know what they expect to see on the final designs; others may wish to give us a single point of reference (for example, "the seaside") and then let us come up with a unique and original design that is ready for implementation.


    When we first meet with you, it is best if you are well prepared so that you can make the most of your Paid Consultation time with us. If you already have some ideas, note them down on paper or hand sketch if you prefer. If you know the colour palette you wish to use, print it out or give us sample fabrics, papers, photos or objects in that colour palette for us to work with and we will add these design elements into your space. Are there objects, furnishings or colours that you particularly like or dislike? If so, tell us so we can include or avoid them. What about your style? Contemporary or traditional? Formal or relaxed? Cosy and safe or bright and open? Who will use the space? What is the context of where the designs are to be used? Modern apartment or beautiful, classically styled house? All this information matters when designing a space and everything is relevant in order to achieve a design that you will enjoy and will look appropriate in its setting.

    Remember that Interior Design is Subjective. There is no "right" or "wrong" but there can always be "different"


    For some clients, buying the furnishings and products would be the "fun" part and they would want to track down and buy the many design elements themselves. For others who are far too busy for this and simply want a finished design, fully implemented, we can offer a more comprehensive approach with the help of our building contractor partners, our numerous suppliers and of course, with the knowledge and experience of our in house Interior Design Expert. Although this is a newly formed company, we are drawing on the combined experience of our many professionals including our founder who have worked in the industry for years and we are confident you will be very pleased with the results.


    Once we have talked by phone and you are satisfied that we can be of some help to you, the first stage will be for us to meet with you and discuss your wishes in detail at an "Interior Design Consultation" meeting which can be booked online, here on this website. At that meeting, you can either specify a fixed budget for your Interior Design work in which case we will do as much as we can for you within that budget OR you can specify what you want, we can then estimate what we think it will cost for the design stage work you have asked for. We will then charge you our hourly rate for the time that it takes. Either way, you can prepay for our work online, here on this website.

    As with all our services, our charges for Interior Design work are transparent and your final bill will reflect only the work that has actually been done for you. We don't charge fixed fees (except where we agree your budget in advance), nor do we have a minimum fee. You will receive e-copies of all completed work for approval as it is finished, provided it has been paid for. The only additional cost that we may charge you for is "out-of-pocket" expenses such as printing charges for extra copies of plans at your request or for travel costs when multiple site visits are required. Any unused balance of funds on your account with us will be credited back to your bank account on completion of our work on your project.

    Prices from £35/hour and no vat!

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